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[Announcements] Breaking Version 15 - Fix the way we store conditions to always respect the order as list length grows or condition moved up/down

Hello everyone,

We are rolling out a new Bubble version that will affect the way condition order is stored and rendered within your app.

We solved a bug within the Bubble editor where for an element that has a large list of conditions ordered in a specific way (via the move up/ move down buttons), adding a condition may sometimes mess up the preexisting order of the conditions list. That has been fixed with this change to ensure that the conditions order you set is respected and do not abruptly jump to a different order.

Why this matters:
For an element set up with distinct conditions that do not overlap, the order is mostly organizational. However, for an element that has competing conditions, where equivalent logical expressions are trying to set the same attribute in different ways, the condition lower down on the list will override the condition higher up on the list.

After you enable this version, if you had experienced the bug of jumpy conditions order, you will see that a condition that had previously jumped unintentionally to a different place on the list will be restored to the place where you had intended to put it. Furthermore, adding new conditions to a long list of conditions will no longer risk messing up the order that you had laid out for the element’s conditions.

We are rolling out this change as a breaking version so that you have the chance to review any changes to the conditions list order that may have resulted from previously noticed or previously unnoticed order shifts. If you do notice that after updating to this version, conditions are set in an order that is unintended, you can always re-order them in the editor and expect that the lower down conditions will override any conflicting higher up conditions. The order you set will be stable and respected.

Thanks Bubblers!


There are so many elements that have multiple conditions. How do we check all of them and how do we remember all of them as to what was the condition order that was intended?

Condition order will only actually matter if you have multiple conditions that set the same attribute under the same condition evaluation. For example, if you had a text element, with condition “When this text is hovered”, to set text to “Hello”, and another further down the list, a condition “When this text is hovered” to set text to “World”. Both will technically get applied, but the latter one will be the one that will be visible, the resulting text you will see on hover is “World”. If you have any elements that carry conflicting conditions, that is where I would recommend you to review the order that is intended.

As a further note, this change is only really going to affect elements that have greater than 10 conditions. So that may help narrow down what you’d want to check.

For the most part, this change should be pretty mild. If you don’t even quite remember what order you wanted your conditions to be, then it’s likely that the conditions were neutral to order and it likely shouldn’t break anything for you to upgrade the version for your app.


can’t download development version. we are downloading your app. new update announcement behind. It takes a lot of times and the page is stopping to loading. Tried 4 different browsers. My other app has the same issue. Pls help asap

I can no longer load the Bubble editor on development version. Freezing at ‘We’re loading your app’. The live version is also really buggy.

We need to find a better way of rolling out updates. This seems to be a recurring problem. A pretty mild change like this shouldn’t be knocking out critical development infrastructure. If this is an ongoing risk due legacy tech debt, I would say it’s not even worth pushing out such minor updates at all.


Me too!!!
Already sent a bug report…
This sucks…

Unfortunately, I was also unable to open the project for editing. Customers annoyed with me.

Really sorry about the glitch, deployed a fix that should resolve that for apps unable to load directly due to BV15. For anyone who was unable to load, are you still facing that problem?

I’m up in the editor!

Hi @miri !

Everithing is working fine now, thanks.

Something that we should look into?

So just to clarify, if I create an object with 25 conditions, but only 1 condition can be a match (so organizational ordering) I’m assuming Bubble will continue to check all the remaining conditions…Is there a way to instruct Bubble to stop checking the remaining conditions for performance purposes (i.e. “do until a condition is met”), or would it not really have a noticeable impact on performance? (One of the projects I’m working on has a page with several (10+) text objects, and eventually I’m anticipating 25+ conditions per object, but kinda worried about performance)

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help! Stopped working and won’t load! Is the problem general?

My editor is also not opening

app loaded but now I cant add a new condition. If editor reloaded sometimes I can add one more condition and then unable again

On the topic of multi conditions elements, could you share a bit more about how performance is impacted by the number of conditions you have?

I have always tried minimise the number of conditions an element have to work though, generally avoiding more than 4-5 conditions. Sounds like this fix is for elements with more than 10 condisitons. What is the technical upper limit of the number and types of conditions an element can have?

Great fix on this one! Thank You

One question/concern though. Why did you guys decide to have the order applied, be the reverse from everything else in the world? In your example of the ‘Hello’ and ‘World’, if the condition to show ‘World’ is 2nd on the list, it gets applied first, this doesn’t make sense for a natural flow.

In general normal reading, you read top to bottom. Even in programming, like java script, it executes the line of code from top to bottom. You guys are going against the grain here and the normal flow of things. Can we get this reversed so it executes/applies top to bottom?

We updated our app to Version 15, but the bug on conditions still seems to be present, even with 3 conditionals.

I could be wrong, but I believe it is because you are setting CSS rules via bubble. CSS- cascades AKA the last applicable rule is the ones that gets applied

An update on this topic - in light of issues that users have reported due to this change we are temporarily disabling the effects of Bubble Version 15 until we iron out some of the kinks and make sure this change does not negatively affect anyone. As of right now, if you are on Bubble Version 15, it will behave the same as version 14. We will follow up soon once we’ve fixed the issues and let you know when Bubble Version 15 is operational.

Sorry about the confusions here, and thanks for the patience!


Hi Bubble, times back I upgraded to version 12, and my app’s errors dialog was loaded with things to fix…

so for my other app, i never updated out of fear that while things are working smooth, I should not be taking the risks.

So if I keep my app on version 11 and do not upgrade to newer versions, will it effect anything in future.