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When I define another condition, it's erase the first one. And this from an hour


It’s a bug about conditions on a button.
When I define another condition, it’s erase the first one. And this from an hour…

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Have you submitted this as a bug? I’m having the same issue

If you have more conditions than can be displayed in the page, they will scroll. Did you try scrolling? If it really is deleting then you need to file a bug report.

It’s happening the same thing to me :angry: and if you “undo” nothing happens.

Did anybody already filed a bug report ?


I’ve submitted one now

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Re: [Bubble] Bug report #17398

It’s start again :thinking:

I have the same problem :neutral_face:
Interesting, when they fixed this bug???

I’m having the same issue, when trying to define more than one condition on a button. Hope this gets fixed soon!

Yeah I had the same issue and sent a screen recording to Bubble support.

Same issue here now. Just started happening
@jess - not sure if this one has been caught by the team, but it’s a major one.

Thank you for the flag! The fix is in progress; I’ll let you all know here as soon as that’s live.

Thank you Jess!

Any update, @jess? I’m experiencing this too.


The only work-around I’ve found so far is to delete all conditionals and start over. I can’t figure out a way to reliably reproduce it.


When this occurs, reordering of conditionals is also flaky. I suspect this post might be related as well.

Makes me wonder if this recent feature might be implicated.

This is still an issue for me as well and one that is really causing a bottleneck in production.

This bug is still a problem for me. The only way to workaround without deleting all conditionals is to close the browser window and reopen it… really losing a lot of time lately just for conditionals :sweat:

Losing a lot of time for so many bugs the past three weeks.

Hi Jess,

Any update regarding this issue? It’s brought some initiatives on our end to a halt.

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