New Prices - MASSIVE INCREASE in Cost of Adding Capacity

Dear @josh, @emmanuel

Thanks for sending through the email with the overview of the new prices.

I have to say the fine details make me feel very concerned.

If I read things correctly, the new Professional plan no longer allows for capacity units to be added.

Is this really true? So on the new Professional plan, I have to leap from 3 units at $129/month to 10 units at $529 per month? Increasing over 3 units will cost me an extra $400 per month, when previously I could increase to 4 units for an extra $20 per month?

I don’t understand how that can help a business to grow smoothly. Surely I would only be able to afford to keep with 3 units for a long time and end up with some very unhappy customers?

This feels like a capacity cliff edge.

So then I find my current app am still on the Professional (Legacy) plan. Phew. It looks like I can still add single capacity units for $20 per month. Can you please confirm this is true?

But most importantly, I am deeply concerned about how long you will be committed to the Professional (Legacy) pricing for. Can you please give us some guarantees about this… because without those, I will have to give some serious consideration to moving my product to an alternative platform which has a more stable pricing.


I am on the verge of creating a new “app” in Bubble, which will be a part of my overall product launch in November. I just created the new app now, and the legacy pricing is not available in the dropdown.

With the new pricing model and the “capacity cliff edge”, I feel it is too risky to build that part of my product in Bubble. I need to look elsewhere - probably to Wappler - which makes me really sad and disappointed with the direction Bubble is going in.

I would really appreciate your feedback!

Best wishes,


I think capacity should be still available. restricting capacity to Servers is a bit too much. But bubble is fairly priced in my opinion. My problem is taking away features while increasing price such as capacity.

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