Announcing another round of fun new features (Feb 2020)

Hi Bubble community,

On this past Tuesday, the Bubble team held its second “hackathon day” (see this post about the first one). The focus was again on churning out as many smaller “quality-of-life” features as we could, as a break from the larger, more impactful projects that are in progress. Many of these ideas came from the community, and others came from our observations of user pain points that we thought we could address!

Here are the changes being rolled out over the next few days, starting today (the numbering here is just for reference):


  1. The history of previous commands that you can “undo” or “redo” will now persist across page refreshing, closing and reopening, and unexpected crashes - there is a limit of 50 previous undos and 10 redos that can persist (but if you keep the window open, the behavior is the same as today) @riley
  2. When copying and pasting an element with a custom name many times, instead of all the copies being called “Button Custom copy”, the name will now have a counter that increments to help you tell them apart @miri
  3. Now if you’re dragging an element with “Shift” held down, it will constrain the movement along the same horizontal or vertical axis as the original position @emmanuel
  4. The “subscribe” button in the Bubble-made Stripe plugin should now be translated as appropriate @emmanuel


  1. When creating an action in a workflow, there is now a search box where you can quickly search for actions by name @emmanuel
  2. With the send email action, there is now the option to attach one or multiple files - note there is a 19MB limit to the total size of the attachments (many email clients have a ~20MB limit, plus some padding for the email’s contents) @aless
  3. The “Go to page” action now has the additional option to preserve URL parameters @riley


  1. The view you’re looking at in App Data will be preserved across changing the database version @peterj
  2. If a new custom view in App Data has the default name, the name will now contain a counter that increments to help you tell them apart @aless
  3. In the App Data sub-tab, there is a new search box where you can search for custom views - by either the name of the custom view or by the name of the underlying data type @aless

Plugins & API

  1. In the API Connector, there is a new UI indication on new calls that have not yet been initialized, which is an important step in creating them! @sam8
  2. Relatedly, with the API Connector, there will be a softer warning when a previously initialized call has been modified, to remind you that you may need to reinitialize @sam8


  1. Date values have new operators: “:rounded down by” and “:equals rounded down by”; the former effectively truncates the datetime to just the year, or year + month, or year + month + day, etc., while the latter allows you to compare two dates at the chosen level of granularity @chris3
    pd_1_a pd_1_b
  2. There’s a new operator, “:converted to number”, that will attempt to convert a text to a number @miri
  3. When in “Step-by-step” mode with the debugger, the entity containing the current workflow should more consistently be shown, e.g. if a reusable element is the one that has the current “Page is loaded” workflow @aless
  4. “Sub-tabs” (e.g. “App Data” in Data, “General” in Settings, etc.) are now part of the editor’s URL, meaning you can link directly to them, and your active sub-tab will persist through refreshes @peterj

(Apologies, omitted a couple in the original post!)

  1. The Stripe Workflow action for “Charge the current user” now has an additional optional field for “statement descriptor” to control how the charge shows up on the payer’s credit card statement (note that Stripe has a 22 character limit on this, and that this field is optional) @marca
  2. When using repeating groups that are ‘paginated’, there are now two new options available for dynamic statements: “is on the first page” and “is on the last page”, which are extra helpful if you’re trying to show / hide “Previous” and “Next” buttons @aless

This was again a huge team effort! In addition to the Engineers mentioned above, thanks to new team member Remy, @alex19 @elisa @eve @JeffT @DavidS @mattlegrand @josh and @emmanuel for all their help with QAing, design guidance, and general support!

Hope you all enjoy :slight_smile:


Allen on behalf of the Bubble team


Loved 1, 2, 5, 13 and 14 :relieved:


I found point 5 brilliant!

I'm having a bug with the following point:

3: Dragging with shift works but when you try it long enough it breaks.
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13 :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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#7 and #18 are absolute game changers!


Credit to the Bubble team, a nice selection of features that can make a big difference to our day to day working in the editor. Cheers


Something is wrong… I thought Christmas was in December.

#4, 5, & 10 are my favorites :star_struck:


Convert to number :+1::+1::+1:




Thanks for flagging this - could you please file a bug report? (We’re aware that on some OSs, there might be a system limitation on how long you can hold Shift for, but we’ll look into this specific situation).

Glad folks are enjoying the new features! :slight_smile:


Amazing! You guys rock :sunglasses:

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Great improvements :sunglasses:

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Amazing - as usual! Thank you all so, so much! :relaxed: :raised_hands: :tada:


3 is my fav. I already did that out of habit from design tools now it actually works! :slight_smile:

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There is a bug with item 10.

With the new search box in data types its no longer possible to reach the last few data types, the “Refresh data” link or the load “50 more items link” at the bottom of the screen. My screen size is 1440 x 900, I’m using a 15 inch macbook pro.

Funnily enough I still have a screen opened that I still have not refreshed since the last update.

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Amazing :raised_hands::heart_eyes:

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Super! Thanks for the new features!


Thanks for reporting - we’re on it!

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Wow the 6 one. We can finally send attachments via email.

Nice work!

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These little things makes you happy :slightly_smiling_face:

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