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Round 3 of fun new features

Hi Bubble community,

This past week, we had another one of our “hackathon days” (see this post and this post). To recap, these are days when the entire team focuses on smaller “qualify-of-life” features, as a break from our longer-running projects. As always, many of these ideas came from the community!

A number of these features have already rolled out, while others are getting the finishing touches (these will probably be rolled out on Monday, since we don’t want to launch too many new things on a Friday afternoon). Below is the list of features which are already deployed, and I’ll update this list as more get out:

  1. For errors in the Debugger that have an error code and ask you to reach out to the Bubble team, there is a new link that will take you directly to the bug report form, with some fields pre-filled. @marca

  2. The :extract operator on datetimes now lets you specify the time zone (static or dynamic) to use for the extraction. @cal

  3. Date pickers now consistently have the option for “Time format”, which lets you switch between 24-hour time and AM/PM. @marca

  4. In Settings > Languages, for the “Language field on the user type” feature, you can now select a field that’s an option set - and you can use the display or any attribute on that option set. @cal

  5. You can now duplicate a custom view in the App Data tab. @jonah

  6. Uploading data via CSV should now be able to handle numeric ranges. @cal

  7. If your app uses the email confirmation action, you will see a new built-in field on User which lets you toggle whether the email address has been confirmed (you can only toggle this in a development version, e.g. for testing purposes). @zoe

  8. When you see the ‘empty privacy rule’ warning in the property editor, it will now tell you which data type is missing the privacy rule, and clicking on it should more reliably take you to the Privacy subtab for that data type. @jonah

  9. Similarly, if you are using the Bubble-built Box plugin, we have a new informative warning to set the Privacy rules for Box files. @miri

  10. The Bubble-built Segment plugin now no longer asks for keys that we don’t use, and steps for obtaining the needed key are better documented. @miri

  11. The “Manually enter API response” will now save the results of the previously saved Initialize if there is one, to give you a head start on manually entering your own. (To use: call “Initialize call”, save whatever field mapping, then go to “Manually enter API response” - you’'ll see the API response Bubble got from the “Initialize call”. If you “Initialize call” and save field mappings again, it will reset the manual entry field.) @sam8

  12. (For plugin creators) There is now a versioning system for our plugin platform, meaning if we need to make breaking changes to the plugin platform, you will be able to stay on the old version of the platform until you are ready to upgrade, just like how you can with the Bubble app editor. (This feature will not be rolled out until the next time we need to release a breaking change for the plugin platform.) @cal

Edit: These features were rolled out after the initial post.

  1. (8/24) There are some new animations available! These bring an element in/out from the left/right/up/down, but without a bounce. @aless

  2. (8/24) For fixed cell repeating groups, previously we would always fill in every cell of each “page” - so if you had 12 items and pages with 5 slots, you would see #1-5 on page 1, #6-10 on page 2, and #8-12 on page 3. There is a new setting on fixed cell repeating groups, “Stable page offset”, that will allow the last page to be only partially full; among other things, this means that paginating back and forth will have consistent results on each page. @aless

  3. (8/24) Much like how you could “Manually enter API response” for a JSON API call, you can now do so for XML API calls as well. @aless

  4. (8/25) For collaborators on your app, there’s a new permission level for accessing the data of your app that lets the collaborator see the data, but not use “Run as”. @zoe

  5. (8/25) The mapping of autocompleted geographic search results to actual geographic locations should be more accurate now (this was particularly evident when doing searches for non-full addresses, like “Alaska, USA”) (we apologize for all the Alaskans who thought they lived in Arizona). @remy

  6. (8/26) There is a new data source, “Arbitrary datetime”, where you can type in a datetime as a string; we do our best to parse what you mean. @marca

  7. (8/26) Database triggers will have a more descriptive entry in your Server Logs, so that they are easier to spot. @pete.vilter

This was truly a team effort - thanks also to @Jeff2, @eve, @malcolm, @jess, @carla, @Jeremy, @ethanreeder, @heather, @erik.bubble, @DavidS, @vivienne, @alex19, @mpearlman, @theodor, @josh and @emmanuel for assisting in the QA effort!


Allen on behalf of the Bubble team


:clap:t4: :clap:t4: Go team go! :clap:t4: :clap:t4:


:partying_face: :partying_face:

Slugs are the best!


Thank you so much everyone

Brilliant stuff guys, love it :raised_hands:

So, will you guys be hosting one of these hackathons every week henceforth? :laughing: :sunglasses:

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Time zone control on the extract operator :pray::tada::clap:t3:


Thanks for these hackathons. These little things really go a long way. :blush:


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Great !!!
thanks :grinning:


Thanks @allenyang for the update! This is great!

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Finally working with dates and times will be less of a nightmare :sweat_smile: :yum:.
Next is math, which is a living and walking nightmare. C’mon, I know you can do better :grin:

Oh please make bold updates there! Fixing bugs there had always been quick, but we’d suggested by forum and email dozens of significant improvements to the API and editor… my #1: Please make it hackable!


@allenyang is the hackathon open to outsiders or is this done at bubble HQ?

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This is just an internal hackathon, since it involves changing Bubble platform code


awwww @allenyang that’s a shame, I’m sure some of us could add some real weight into the mix here.

And I didn’t even know I need #5 but it’s coming in quite handy today. Thanks @jonah!


Agreed. Some nice to haves…but nothing there to fix some of the major daily headaches of using Bubble’s editor.

Have been building something in Glide today. Frustratingly limited in places but … At least the editor works all the time.

If the bubble Devs spent as much time using the bubble editor as they do using their code editors they might have a different view.


New features #13, 14 and 15 deployed and added to the original post!


From a UX perspective, thank you for the glide push (no bounce). Beats big ‘fast’ in/out transition in a heart beat.


Would be grand to squeeze in partial cell loading for the next hackathon round, like this:


Side scrolling has become a very popular UX paradigm. It’s currently achievable on Bubble albeit with the aid of code (specially on Desktop).



Oh I missed this update (so many atm).