Anonymous users + webhooks

I have a mail tracking webhook that I successfully initialized. The printing service I’m using processes all of my Users’ orders through a single account for my entire app. When I go to track the orders using the webhook, the logs indicate an Anonymous user, so the database never gets updated with the order’s status.

To be clear, I have the “Ignore privacy rules when running this workflow” box checked and I’m getting a success code from the printing company’s API dashboard. There’s no OAuth step for each individual user since the authentication was done at the platform level by me in the API Connector (hence, the service doesn’t recognize any of my Users).

What should I do here?

How are you identifying the User in your app?

Standard email and password to log in (to the app, not the printing company’s dashboard). Once they place an order, it gets sent via API call to the printing company. That call was authenticated + initialized in the API Connector and uses a Bearer token.

So you’ll need to match the User via their email address (i.e. search for Users who’s email address is the request data’s email address).

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