Another absolutely stunning Bubble built SaaS

For anyone considering Bubble as the platform for their app, I just found a new tool added to the Bubble showcase and it’s absolutely stunningly designed so whoever built it, hats off!

It’s a Super simple invoicing app for freelancers and by far the cleanest design i’ve seen so far on Bubble.
Check it out and if the founder is here I’d love to chat 1:1


doesn’t look like it’s built on Bubble?


looking at the source it is and the buuble app is although its of course protected from view
looks to be a pukka bubble app

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I used Builtwith and got this:

It must be its on Bubble’s own showcase

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Thanks @levon and @help for ‘what run’ and ’ buildt with’ tools :slight_smile:

My question now, how they find it is run on Bubble if we desactivate the option under bubble settting?

My second question, how hide Bubble under ‘what run’? Need a dedicated server?

1 Like is definitely built on Bubble


It’s easy, for example the the html body there is some specific naming to some variables that you can use to identify Bubble. And that’s just by taking a 30 seconds look.

By the way, the app indeed looks awesome!


Indeed it is run on Bubble. I double-checked with the founder when he posted it on Twitter the other day.


You can view the page source:

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Between this & the designs produced by you @help, the standard has been set!


I wonder how this app is so insanely fast? Is this app running on dedicated? @emmanuel


No it’s not, it’s just well designed and light. Bubble can actually be very fast if you don’t have too many elements / too much data loads on page load.


And it keeps getting faster so props on that :wink:

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Haha thank you! Very kind - as the platform continues to mature I think we’ll see a lot more designers come aboard, learn the Bubble dev side and then produce really high quality apps. I was a designer by background and then learnt the dev part, I think we’ll see more Bubblers with that background soon.


Agree, this looks nice! Clean and minimalistic approach to their UI, which makes it light-weight/fast and easy to use.


Hello everyone, :wave: I’m the founder of Incomee. I’m sorry for the late but I just saw the post.

Thanks @help and everyone! I’m super happy that you like Incomee :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, Incomee is fully built with Bubble and I’m paying a lot of attention to keep the app as fast as possible… as @emmanuel said removing all the unnecessary elements, workflows or calls to the DB + I recently activated the CloudFlare option.

Let me know if you have any question or if you have any feedback about the app


@Guglielmo Great work! It’s apps like these that help the community grow and people see Bubble as a real solution for building apps.

How are you acquiring users?


Such a clean design! I love it. I think I make my design to complex half the time .

May i ask what Font and Sizes are you using?

Great work!!! :pray:

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It’s excellent I think I’m going to use it.

It says it’s free to sign up… is it also free to use?

I would love someone to do a breakdown of the framework of this site.

It looks like three pages but Landing Page, form page, backend…I’m still trying to learn best pracitices on how to do something similar.

Thanks and great work!