What is the most beautiful Bubble app?

Hey Bubblers.

I’m sure everyone has either asked, or been asked this question - can you create a beautiful app on Bubble?

Of course you can, but what do you think is the most beautiful Bubble app?

We created a collection of some here but we know we are missing lots.

Comment below the most beautiful Bubble app :point_down:t4:

Nice collection, with many awesome apps. Great work :+1:

Thanks @weswas - I’m keen to hear what you think are some of the most beautifully designed Bubble apps?

Interesting collection, However, I noticed that some numbers seem to be missing, like the 2nd and 29th site, while there is a 41st? Also, it would be fantastic if each listed site could be linked directly for easy previewing.

Thanks for the feedback @Benjamin_Rodgers - have fixed that.

Have you seen any beautiful Bubble apps?

Incomee & Martechbase apps are both beautiful designs.
I personally prefer the Incomee app more for its clean and sleek landing page.

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We’re updated this with even more designs!

Comment if there are any missing!