Another Quickbooks API OAuth Question

I’m running into some issues getting the API connected to Quickbooks. I know a plugin exists out there, but I’m hoping to figure this out for my own edification. I’m running fine in Postman using the same credentials.

The error I get says API Connector error: the Oauth2 API Quickbooks is not configured properly - missing access_token getting data Oauth2. It looks like I’m connecting to Quickbooks, but not getting the access token back into Bubble.

I receive this error in bubble when I run the signup workflow:

I see this 302 error in the console:

Request URL:
Request method:GET
Remote address:
Status code:302
Referrer Policy:no-referrer-when-downgrade

Here’s how my API is set up:

Any ideas? I think I’ve tried just about every setting in the API Connector!

@zachwhitt did you ever complete the QuickBooks API?

I’m also struggling to connect QuickBooks with my app. Feel free to follow along here as I try and figure this out.

Any information you have, please share - it will be helpful. Even if you gave up because it was too difficult :grimacing: