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Quickbooks api integration

I am trying to integrate quickbooks api through bubble api connector but unfortunately I am running in some errors. Can anybody share the proper way to integrate it?

@pathfix makes this easy

It also helps if you provide details on what sort of errors you are seeing :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much @equibodyapp :blue_heart:

@hamza.iftikhar we have also released 2 Quickbooks plugins that you could use depending on the API you are trying to access.

Here is the link to the documentation:

I am trying to integrate quickbooks api with bubble api connector. I tried to do this manually by doing a GET request and then a POST request. I am getting the access token but it is not being redirected to the URI.

I had the same issue, and instead of using the native Bubble “OAuth2 User-Agent Flow” Authentication type, I used “None or self-handled” and kinda rebuilt the OAuth2 path manually (send codes to the QB URL, receive and save Bearer token, etc)

can you please send me the detailed steps for this task through images or a video?

it will make a heavy post, but we can take a look together through google meet if you want.
Don’t have much time today, but we can have a look tomorrow afternoon