Any alternative to a PDF printable Sheet?

I m using GDrive to handle this excell type inventory.
(using +/- formulas)
Two good things is : inventory is online and can be exported to a PDF doc for easy print.

I can edit the original on a mobile device but - yet - cant export it to PDF from mobile.

I m looking for to create a similar Inventory App in Bubble.
I d probably have to limit the number of displayed columns to just 1 or 2 months at a time
(that s okay)

My question is:
from the stored values in my App Database - what are my options to create a final document that can hold 6 months of items just like this one sample - and send it straight to a wifi connected printer. ?

Are there any other Document formats in Bubble that I can : a) build and 2) print from a PC or a mobile device ?
…offering me the same 6 months format layout and level of details ?

any suggestions is welcomed !

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