Any app in the wild built on Bubble?

Sorry for a bit of a rant.

Just wondering if there’s any real-life app out there in the wild completedly hosted on Bubble or are most people use Bubble for the proof of concept then custom build? I am not talking about a website, but full frontend backend apps.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Bubble for its abilities but I am starting to feel that Bubble is not really designed for real-world applications considering the number of bugs and issues I’ve had. And support is hit and miss.

There were the typical bugs and performance issues (super slow editor) that I can live with but this morning I logged into one of the apps I am building and it was completely broken. All the workflows and conditions were broken (from what I can see it was an error with the page’s custom state where the page name was changed to “null” in the dynamic field for some reason). Restoring doesn’t work, so had to redo all the workflows and conditions again. about 168 of it. Luckily I only started this app 2 days ago so not a lot of work done so far, but still a scary experience. I have another app that I’ve been working on for 4 months, what if that one breaks?

So if you’re running a business with your app hosted on Bubble and suddenly it’s wiped out or broken. What’s the backup plan? What safeguards/backup do Bubble have for the live version?

And support is meh, by the time they can be bothered to actually read your email instead of quickly flicking back a standard response to get their stat count up, you may as well fix the issue yourself if you can.

I save my progress every few hours to avoid these conflicts.

isn’t reverting back to an earlier time the same thing as saving progress?

Nope, going back erases current changes.

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