Bubble been slow over the last few days?

Hi all,

Has anyone else had it that Bubble seems slow to build a page and retrieve data, even when in the Editor (using the ‘App Data’ tab)? Wondering if it has anything to do with the plugins I’ve installed, but retrieving even a few records at the back seems noticeably slower than usual.

Please let me know if it’s not just me.


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Yes, Im also feeling like that on slow on loading the Application Editor page.

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Yes. it has been horrible the past few days. Very frustrating to get any work done because it keeps NOT Saving. I have to close out and restart builder.

All the while doing work I have to pay super close attention that every thing I change/add/delete gets saved. Found myself doing a lot of work and then noticing it still says Saving.

Ugh! Frustrating!

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I just leave it at saving for about 2 minutes and usually resolves itself

It’s still been so slow to load things into the database (even tiny images) and to see any files from the database; like 30 seconds to even start the workflow (the site still loads quickly and the editor is fast too, so it’s definitely something database related).


We need a bug report, we can’t really say much without looking at the app (others haven’t reported such issues, so it’s likely a specific issue)

Mine slows down when I go between the Live and Development pages.

It’s absolutely ridiculous. Refreshing every time you want to check what you’ve made is fine… when the loading doesn’t taking a minimum of 10 seconds every time.

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