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Any Australian Bubblers?

I’m from Sydney Australia!

Hello folks, anyone from Brisbane here?

Hey all… we are looking for a UI UX expert, we are in Melbourne but are considering anywhere in OZ…

Anyone fit that bill?

I’m from brisbane, what are you working on?

Hey Dylan we have a heap of projects. We also have a few developers but what we are missing is a Ui Ux expert to really make out apps look fresh.

Mostly we do MVP’s, we have a coaching arm of our business that helps Aussie startups get to investment stage. They’re pretty good we have Mr Yum (just raised over $10m) and some other great startups that we work with plus a heap of newbies.

If your great at UI UX I’d love to see some of your work. You can DM me if you like

Oh wow, nice job on the funding. I’m currently working on, are you located in brisbane?

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G’day @dylan.b.anderson ,
Great to see someone from Brisbane here. I’m now working on an app for Tradies.

Clean and minimalist design. Nice one!

Hey Peter…

What kind of app are you working on…

Some years ago I was a plumber and ran my own business, I got into bubble because I wanted to make an add on for servicem8.

Now I run my own digital agency and we are in the process of building a project management system for builders…

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Hi @chad ,

That’s awesome. It looks like we have similar background! I’ve been in the electrical/automation industry for 3 decades, operating my various small electrical businesses most of those years. Over the past year or so I got into building software with bubble. It was a steep learning curve at first, but now I have a Tradie Marketplace web app built, similar to AirTasker or Hipages- just polishing the final touches now. It also has a payment gateway built in with Stripe.

Lately, as part of the app, I’ve been trying to streamline one of the electrical businesses procedures in completing site reports they do for customers, who wish to purchase a house - pre-purchase electrical inspection (up until now, they’ve been using MS Word :slight_smile: ) . It’s rather complex and time consuming for them. I’m amazed what I can do with bubble to make complex things look simple! I managed to design the UI so that it’s friendly and easy on the eye, we could even say, it’s quite a pleasing experience for the user to use the app. The inspecting technician doesn’t get overwhelmed with operating the app, and can use his/her brainpower on what he/she needs to focus on. I absolutely love development!

That’s great to hear about you running your own digital agency, and building the project management system for builders. I feel that it’s important to give back to the industry, so that by streamlining those tedious and unpopular tasks, the younger guys who come in, or the current business owners can minimise their downtime, and focus their time on what matters to them most.


Bubble is great too cause you can make integrations with ServiceM8 and similar via the API. Good for shooting back your site reports.

Part of the Builders app is an iauditor type thing. Super flexible, and not hard to build…
Once you know how lol

Tough gig the tradie marketplace… When I was a plumber Service Seeking and HiPages were always races to the bottom.

Keeping people who need trades and keeping the tradies happy at the same time is not an easy task…

@chad ,
I look forward to your Builders app when it’s up and running & available. The iauditor will bring a lot of improvements to the construction and maintenance industry, especially with being super flexible, nice one!

You are spot on with the Service Seeking and HiPages comment, Trades & Services SaaS IS a tough gig.

I’m building mine since this area is within the scope of my expertise, but ultimately it’s something for me to present as part of my portfolio, transitioning from a tradie/business owner to a digital nomad :camel:. Moving forward, I’ve set myself on a direction of my new profession as no-code developer/ UI UX designer, whether as a freelancer or working for a digital agency like yours. Being recognised by Google as one of their top photographer contributors with over 20mil. photo views on my contributions, producing videos, designing living spaces as well as developing a number of websites, UI UX design is where I feel is the right way for me to pursue, love it! Just need some further upskilling over the next few months to bring my inner creative myself fully up to speed.

I’ll keep an eye on your posts to see how your agency is evolving over the next few months, and perhaps we might eventuate joining our forces down the track…

Oh nice one, would love to know more.

Absolutely would be great.

@dylan.b.anderson I’ve just sent you a PM.

G’Day. I am based on the Gold Coast and have been building an internal app to produce client quotes, track KPI’s manage notes and documents and more. Nothing to show externally though, but it has been awesome for improving our business’s productivity. I basically decided when the Pandemic hit, to finally learn how to build an app as I’ve tried at least 3 external developers over the last 8 years. Within less than 12 months, my app is MUCH bigger that I could have ever scoped and I have a skill that will allow me to do more than I ever dreamed a year ago. Loving Bubble and am amazed daily at what I am able to build using it.

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Hey guys! I just saw this post being brought back to life so I thought I’d chip in!
We’re a Gold Coast Bubble Agency based on the Gold Coast & specialize in full Product Development!

Great to see fellow Aussie Bubble enthusiasts!

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That’s wonderful to hear @christo1! I agree, an internal app is the way to go for a business.

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Aussie bubbler here too!

My background is in accounting/business consulting/business strategy but have always been an ‘ideas’ person. Love that I can make my ideas happen with bubble!

I’ve built and launched a business tool for a niche market and now am helping other people build and launch too :slight_smile:

Love the career change and the ability to be able to work from anywhere! (with internet - which we still struggle with in some country areas!)

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Hi Chad, I’m based I Melbourne. I mainly do UI/UX design work on my spare time. I’m looking for a developer to work with me on a project.

I was thinking of coding it up myself using bubble but this could be a long shot.

You keen to catch up ?