Are there any Australian Bubble Users?

I am curious to know if anyone here is from Australia.
Either the ideas person or the developer/partner type persons.

I am intending to use one of the certified partners to help with my app, was just thinking it might be handy to have an extra person in my own timezone occasionally.

Mind you I know most geeks/nerds have no idea of time passing it doesn’t matter a whole lot


Hi Duncan,

PM you. Please, do check your inbox.


Project Manager at Bubblewits - Bubble Certified Partner – a place to buy Bubble templates for landing pages, e-commerce, workflows, APIs etc. - one page Bubble demo - Collection of apps built on Bubble

Hey Duncan

I’m an Australian user of Bubble, based in Sydney. I’ve used it to build and currently building another app as well.

Happy to help sometime.


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From Melbourne inner west, and I’m a plumber developing an app for Maintenance tradies

Also from Australia, Sydney based :slight_smile:

Hi everyone.
I’m a developer and founder of based in Sydney, Australia.
I’m open to helping out other founders with their MVP.
I also coach Bubble Bootcamps.
Check out my site:

Further to my last post, I want to mention our agency Momentum Group.
We are based in Sydney, NSW. We also have some team in Brisbane, QLD, and overseas.
We offer professional UXUI Design and Bubble Development.
We’ve delivered over 20 projects with a focus on quality, reliability, scalability, security and good project management.
Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss working together.