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Any Bubblers from Mexico?


I’m trying to find other bubnlers from Mexico. It would be nice to start a group where we can support and help each other, just as sharing ideas and knowledge.

Hope to find some here.



I am in Guadalajara, Mexico 1-3 months out of the year. Love the idea of a Mexico Bubble group! Viva :mexico:!


Hey hi!

So glad to know you! We can group on facebook so it will be easier to stay in touch, I’m in Mexico city.

Any other mexicans that would like to join us?

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Hey! From Mexico city too! And i travél to gdl once a month!. Agree with the mexican group


Hi Castillo!

I’m glad to see more mexicans on bubble, i’ll create the fb group tomorrow and send you guys the link yo join to the group

Hi. Was this group ever formed? Is the community active? Thanks