Any dental/medical/health related apps?

Good day! Who here have apps that is/are health related? Like EMR (electronic medical records) or clinic management app sort of.

Have you done this with bubble? Is being a non hipaa compliant a big issue even if I live in the Philippines?

It catches my attention because I’m currently working on a dental practice management app. Would I face big problems along the road with using Bubble as my platform?

HIPAA apply to USA. There’s different law around the world about health information privacy. Check in your country what you need to apply.

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I build an EMR for Midwives. I live in Belgium and have to comply to GDPR. Bubble states they are compliant so I think it isn’t a problem in the Philippines as GDPR is already really strict.

That’s good to hear. You didn’t have any problem with privacy issues? How about the privacy and confidentiality agreement? Can you help me with my EMR?

Here in Philippines, I think it’s not yet strict in implementation of the data privacy act. So maybe it’s still safe to do it with bubble?

My app isn’t officially launched yet, but I think Bubble does comply with all the agreements.

Here in the US, Bubble would definitely be a no-go for anyone trying to store personal health information. I’d be surprised if that wasn’t the case all around the world, it should be.

Does Apple Watch count?

Is there ani hipaa-compliant api that can connect to bubble? Plan is to store the patient’s health info to some hipaa-compliant storage connecting with thru supported api. Is that possible? Would that make the app compliant?

Unfortunately not. Here’s a recent thread:

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