Is my App HIPAA Compliant? Confused about this HIPAA stuff ? Help please

Hi Bubblers :wave: ,

Today i had a meeting with a potential client where he wants to sell medicines online / we might store some prescription of customers (Still in discussion) :thinking:

The website he wants to build is somewhat like this

I introduced him about
But next question i get is Bubble HIPAA compliant?
I read in forum regarding HIPPA stuff but still not clear for me?

Can anybody guide me what should i do?
Should i make a go in Bubble ?

I really don’t want to loose this client…

Please help me :pray:



have a look at the following link: Thanks for the quick response :+1:
yes i already read that…

But my question is “My app comes under that category :thinking:” ?

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ah, I see

It might be a good idea to consult with a local lawyer.

I saw some cases (not Bubble apps) here in my country when an organization was ignoring it (maybe they weren’t even aware of that thing).

But I hope someone who knows how to handle it joins that thread.

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@mikeloc @adamhholmes @Jici Any idea please :pray:
I don’t want to loose this client please help
For me it looks like E-commerce app

Sorry, @vajihahmed, but I don’t offer advice in threads like this one because 1) I am not an expert on the matter, and 2) it would be way too easy for someone to come back later and say something like, “Well, mikeloc said!” Yup, I’m paranoid like that. :slight_smile:

Best of luck with figuring out which way to go on this one.



Yeah, I think you really need to speak to a lawyer on this one… (definitely don’t take legal advice from strangers in a forum!!)


@mikeloc @adamhholmes
Thanks a lot for your advice :+1:
Ok i will contact lawyer…


I know Xano provides a HIPAA compliant server etc., but it is an additional $ 5,500 a year for this, on top of the subscription.

I would also suggest talking to a lawyer that knows HIPAA rules and compliance first before moving on.


In addition to that you can contact bubble support once
They will also suggest something

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@pfthiessen @ZedtronicsAdmin
Thanks a lot :+1:

Hi…Not meant to be a facetious question but just wondering why the client wants you to build a complete new app for a store when plenty are widely available already? Is there something special about the features they are looking for not met by existing platforms?


@don_chad Short answer region specific.
My client is in czech republic :czech_republic:
Yes there are some features which are not met by existing platforms (we haven’t find it yet)
Can’t disclose it because of NDA :slightly_smiling_face:

Makes sense…No worries. Thanks for letting me know.