Any "FTP as a service" suggestions?

Due to the nature of my website (price comparison that is constantly pulling in mass amounts of pricing data via my APIs) I’m using Xano as my backend and then my Bubble site access that data via my Xano API endpoint.

I’ve discovered some of the merchants I’m working with either have limited API’s or none at all, but they do have full catalogs that they update regularly that are accessible via FTP. These are often .zip files that inside either contain .txt or .csv files.

Because I need this data to first go to Xano (instead of Bubble), a Bubble plugin won’t work for this. I’m needing to find some sort of cloud solution that automatically uses my FTP credentials to login, open/unzip the desired file and then have some type of API endpoint that I could access and parse via Xano.

When I look at solutions I often see examples of accessing, downloading, and moving FTP files via and API endpoint but I don’t need to move files, I need to be able to access the INSIDE of those files and read the product information looking for price. In terms of volume, I’ll be skimming about 2 million products a day looking for about 30,000 products to grab prices from.

Is this process doable via an existing no/lowcode solution? Is it going to break the bank?