Any guides for proper page layout?

I’m having some slight difficulty controlling how layout actually appears. Many times, the page will not look like how I lay it out in the edit screen - even accounting for changes I make in the Responsive layout tab.

I’m wondering if someone has a guide to layouts? I have the most trouble with things like radio button layout (where if I have they laid out horizontally, one always gets wrapped to a second line)

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Not sure of many guides. In general be suer to use Groups to get the desired effects, especially use the ‘fixed width’, ‘minimum width’ and ‘maximum width’ options.

For the Radio button one I would put the Radio button element in a Group and make the group fixed width - although even that will eventually move to another line if it is on a small enough screen

Sometimes with repeating groups you may need to have 2 designs, a mobile one and a full page one, and then show and hide using conditions based on the page width

Other than that if you have specific questions around responsive we can definitely help you out more

Geoff | Wolfer Tech
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Thanks! That was a helpful starting point. As I followed your suggestion and played with fixed/minimum width, I also discovered the Preset Page Width setting which gave me so much more control over the mobile layout.

I think a combination of a cloned, mobile version of each page, along with the mobile preset, gives me the granular control that I was looking for. Thanks again!

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Thanks for the helpful feedback Geoff, I am learning how to navigate through the same challenge.
I’m using your template and seem to keep running into how to correctly wrap images with text together in the correct format.
I’m sure with enough experimentation The light bulb will shine (eventually)