Any idea how to trigger custom event when the type of thing has new entry?

I have a type of things with fields A user, B user and message. So, every time a new entry field with A user, B user and message is created, I need to send a notification email to user B.
I tried with function “Trigger a custom event when data changes”, but it allows me to monitor data only when it is modified and not when the new entry is been created. Thank you.

Wouldn’t you just do this as part of the workflow that creates the entry in the first place?

My actual case is a little bit more complicated. I wanted to give as simple example as I could. I have multiple workflows that create new entries on the same type of things. I thought there must be a way how to monitor when the new entry is entered and then trigger the event.

I’m not sure this is possible. In my mind, it’d be a very expensive and performance-intensive operation, as something would need to be monitoring the database constantly. In bubble, the database performance is usually where all the bottlenecks are, so I’d be extremely surprised if this would be possible.

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Thank you for your reply, Andrew!