Trigger custom event when data changes in a specific field of any user

Hey everybody,

I am trying to build a notification system for my App and have come across an issue which I already failed many times to resolve.

What is the goal?
The database of the App is updated regularly through our Backend. In the app I have the types of thing: user and product. The product type of thing has a field called “status”. The notification system I want to build needs to trigger whenever the data of the “status” field of a product of any user changes.

Now, I do not even know if it can be implemented with Let’s assume so.

What have I done so far?

  • created a custom event “status_change” for type of thing = product which sends the notification as a step of the workflow
  • created an event “do every 5 seconds”

Where am I right now?
Now, the first step of the event “do every 5 seconds” is “trigger custom event when data changes”. I have already selected the corresponding custom event “status_change”. The field to watch is “status”. However, I cannot seem to figure out what to put in for “workflow data”.

If I have thought this true correctly, then “workflow data” should refer to “all products of all users”. Maybe I’m totally off here. If not I still do not know how to refer to that value despite trying many references.

Any help is appreciated. If you have a workaround, suggestions or build a notification system before - please just let me know.

All the best from Berlin

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Hi @tools1,

Have you found how to fix it? If yes, it would be so kind if you can share with us.