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Any ideas on how to create a user profile centre?

Hi everyone,

I’m a new bubble user and this is my first question…

I’d like to create a “user profile/preference centre” to which users can log in and update their preferences and settings and such.

Any advice or suggestions on where I can look for help?

Thanks very much.


Welcome Laszlo, we are glad to have you here!
Once you sign up and login, you’ll be taken to the Dashboard, where you have a lot of resources available, most notably the super friendly step-by-step tutorials. I’d suggest doing a few and then coming back with specific challenges you encounter.
Like Photoshop, Bubble takes a bit or time to learn and master, and we have put together a wealth of resources - Documentation is a great place to start.



Hi George;

I appreciate the link and the insights…I’ve been using bubble since mid-October and I’ve developed this site so far:

I think I have a fair handle on using bubble (at least for what I specifically need it for), there are just a few outstanding things that I am missing.

I’ve been through the lessons, the videos and the tutorials and I haven’t found anything that is specific to what I’m looking to do yet…

Thanks again.


Hi Laszlo - in my app, I have a myaccount page, where the user can (once logged in) change his password.

This is in simplest form an example of what you are trying to do I guess? So here’s what I did:

  • Created a page - labelled MyAccount
  • On the page, I display as Text, Current User’s name. Current User’s email & password (although I don’t display password, simply xxxxxxxx)
  • I have a Change Password button - to allow user to edit password
  • When user click Change Password - I show another group, which contains two input boxes
  • Input box 1 asks user to enter current password
  • Input box 2 asks user to enter new password
  • I run rule to say if current password entered = user password THEN make a change to current password and save it as the new password

And the user has successfully edited his password. You will probably have to go down this route if you want user to edit profile / preferences. Show them, put a button to edit and then show another element with input box. Put the workflow to make a change and save.

Hope this helps…


HI Faiz;

Thank you very much, very interesting, getting closer for sure, you’ve definitely given me some ideas and I will play around with it to see what I can do. I may have to reach out again but this is helpful, for sure!

Thank you very much.


ive been running into a similar issue as well. I’ve only had luck in displaying the current user’s email.

Under User in data types, I gave the user fields like name, a bio, and a profile picture but when i try to display them as a texts or the profile picture, nothing displays.

I also created an edit / save button where I have it set to -make changes to user- , since its a thing, but still no luck. I run the app, and nothing is saved or changed from what I can tell. I can change it under app data as an admin, but even the information that i enter there will not be displayed when the app is running.

Anyone know where to start for solving this issue?


Okay so 5 minutes later. I figured it out.

create [text box] to -display user’s name-

create edit / save [button] to edit
-set workflow of edit / save [button] to display pop up for edit form
-on edit form, have [input] and save [button].

  • have save [button] set to *make changes to user, -set field as name and = input-

[ ] = entity

  • = edits in workflow
  • - = settings in dialog boxes