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How do I make a form to get additional information on my user?

After a user has logged in, I want to have much more (contact) information than only the email address (like name, last name, company’s name, country, phone number)
How can I create this?


Hi @rommeto, welcome to the bubble forums!

If you haven’t already, I recommend finishing all the bubble tutorials. To answer your question, you’ll need a form somewhere in your app to create those things.

If you share your editor I can show you how (make sure the application is set to public and just copy paste the open editor’s url here - it’s common practice here to do this for trouble shooting)

If you’ve any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


Here’s the url:

Apologies for the late reply!

I can’t access your app, it could be set to private.

Add a field to the user, “Profile Complete” type Yes/No, and when they register, or login, take them to their profile page if the “Profile Complete” in no. If you then set some mandatory fields, so it is clear what is still required to stop them getting taken to the profile page.

Once you ‘Save’ the profile page, if there are no mandatory field issues, you can set the Profile Complete to Yes.