Any insights, ideas, advice on user analytics?

Hi everyone!

I’m close to finishing my MVP app version and am now thinking of the best ways to set up the app usage analytics as well how to set up the hypothesis testing. Does anyone have any ideas or pointers on how to approach this better to make both data collection and analysis easier to process? Plugins, data things to create, etc.

I will sincerely appreciate any sort of feedback. Thanks a lot!


Hi, your question is a little vague, but what I do is two things…
The first is you can create a log table and log activities - either one line per activity with dates etc or clump them into a counter per activity. YOu can then export these out and pivot or Tablau/R them. Next I create a heap of counters in the current user. Clicked this++, I did that++, I clicked this button++, etc.
Depends on your plan, bubble provides additional info.
You can also hook your site into Google Analytics. Not too sure what you mean about hypothesis testing, but statistically you usually need two data sets. Your sampled data set and one from your idealized model. Hopefully this method of counters and logs allows you to test, but against what?
Hope that helps.


Check out Mixpanel, and the plugin available for bubble.

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I’ll cast in my vote for Segment, as you can integrate a lot of different analytic platforms and experiment with which one is best for you. It will also allow you to plug-and-play as you grow your service and your requirements change. It also allows for a fairly easy way to store all of your data in a warehouse like Amazon Redshift so you can do things with it later or via other services.

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Thanks a lot, everyone. I do apologise fro being rather vague with mu question, but this was somewhat intentional as I decided it would be better to crowdsource this issue first.

In terms of what i mean by hyptothesis is the A/B testing and subsequently gathering data to make decisions on app functionality and UI. I’ve seen people recommending Optimizely for this. Can anyone share there experience with using this service with bubble?


Hey @footballresearchprue - what setup did you go with in the end? I’m curious what you learned setting this up as I’m in a similar position now.