Any issues with having empty records in the database?

Hello everyone, are there any issues with having empty records/table in the database that aren’t used? Will this slow down my app? Like if I have 500000 records in a table that aren’t being called or used anywhere. Do these empty records also count in my WU usage?

Creating the 500000 things will utilise WU, however once they are in the database they should not consume any WU.

Searches should not get noticieably affected as long as you use good, scalable practices when constructing the app. However, if you don’t, effects of bad practices will get compounded and quickly make your app slow and burn ridiculous WU.

That being said, why would you have this many things not being used? Not being used at all? Why would they be there?

Accidentally bulk uploaded a bunk of empty data. Wondering if I should remove it or if its not really necessary.

Yeah i had a feeling it would be related to this :sweat_smile: sorry to hear that.
Dont worry, in general its not a big issue.

As you probably know, deleting all these things will consume a bunch of WU and take a lot of time.

You could restore your particular datatype to a point in time before you accidentally bulk uploaded. (If you have a live app with live customers making changes to the datatype, make sure that nobody used your app since then)
Im pretty positive that this doesnt consume WU, maybe check with bubble support. Ive never undone a change this large since the introduction of WUs.

If you cant restire, you could look into creating a new datatype to substitute the old datatype, so you can start fresh.