Looking for advice on an external db - limited skills outside of no-code

Hey all I need to host 20k worth of records somewhere.

I am getting the data in json format and need to upload it somewhere, it needs to be searchable and some kind of fuzzy search would be good.

Basically its a list of thousands of products with barcodes, description and dietry requirements.

I’m building the app in bubble but I’m worried first about WU units when uploading all the data.

I have limited skills outside of bubble, I can use Xano a little bit but I’m wondering if it is the best option or not.

Anyone with expertise in external DB’s, i’d love to hear an opinion

Algolia depending on what these records are for or xano.

Yeah Algolia, didn’t think about that.

I’ll look into it, thanks Chris

Admittedly I am not a WU expert nor an API expert, but I do think it’s worth doing a few test uploads with smaller sizes to get an idea of the upload calculation. In Josh’s April post, the WU weights listed ‘0.5 WU for each item written to or modified in the database’. I’m not sure in this if ‘item’ is the same thing as a ‘thing’ (thing usually meaning a whole row) or simply 1 cell’s value per column. If it is a ‘thing’, 20K records should be around 10K WU, well within the 100K ‘free’ WU available in Dev. If so…it may be worth it to keep it all within Bubble and avoid the APIs necessary to/from.

@nick.carroll or anyone else with Bubble- can you clarify on the chart Josh shared on what an ‘item’ is in regards to a ‘thing’?

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We seem to use item and thing somewhat interchangeably. Lets say you have 100 products in your database (Product data type), we would say there are 100 things or items in your database of type Product. Hope this helps!

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That’s what I figured / hoped but glad to hear it confirmed. Thanks!