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Any other way to connect to Amazon S3?

Is there any other mechanism in Bubble that allows us to connect to our own S3 besides the plugin “AWS File uploader”?



i’m looking for one as well

Same here…bubble’s db is soo restrictive. Wish they could just allow us to host our own data then use bubble as a front end dev platform…just like how wordpress does it…it would make bubble so amazing.

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Looking for the same thing. I have videos/images/data on s3 and want to use bubble to make a UI. That still not possible?

Anyone here?

It’s possible to make calls to upload to, download from and manage your own S3 storage like any other tool would do.

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I am also looking for method to introduce our own AWS S3 as my use case is different.

Please suggest if you have solutions to this

That one is an option:

run your own backend ( scalingo, heroku and express ) using that service for ad hoc send file service or to upload from bubble html layer direct to any bucket on S3. Free , audience should have exp. w github , and some w PAAS like heroku or scalingo.

node express project on git