Any Phonegap Pros Out There? [Paid Work]

I’m having some trouble using phonegap to start testing my first prototype. I have my app on my phone, but I’m not getting passed the splash page.

Is there anyone experienced with phonegap that can help guide me through this deployment? Willing to pay for your time as well.

Hi @OnDemandCloner

For prototyping, have you tried Dropsource:

You can drag a webview into the editor (plug in your Bubble url) and do an immediate build for iOS/Android. It may be a tad faster than phonegap - there are also several decent phonegap builds on codecanyon:

I haven’t tried Dropsource, it looks cool though.

I already have the prototype built here on Bubble and I’m thinking it’s somewhat likely I probably made a small error somewhere along the way while preparing the files for PhoneGap.

I appreciate the ideas but I’m hoping to resolve this on Phonegap. Thanks for the suggestions.

I believe there is currently an issue using and phonegap so that is likely to be what is getting you stuck. If you search the forums there are a number of threads on it, including the bubble app itself. Here is one.


I’m looking a little more at the Webview app template setup link you sent. Can you provide anymore info? Doesn’t look like the developer responds to comments.

I don’t really know anything about going from bubble to mobile so I’m trying to figure out what my options are.


Is the option you referenced the same suggested to me above from Code Canyon?

If so, would you mind giving me some details? (I’m new to all of this).