PhoneGap not showing my bubble app

I’ve setup everything with Apple and PhoneGap (pew!) and got PhoneGap Build to build it. Thanks all forum posters for tips and @natedogg for the course.

So i both get it to load into PhoneGap Developer on my iPhone and I can download the app from PhoneGap Build.

But the my Bubble app’s page/content is not shown, either way in Phone Gap Developer or when downloading it as an app from PhoneGap Build. I know the index.html is loaded since I put a few text lines in it just to be sure.

A note: To make the zip file sent from Bubble work I had to put all files, but the config.xml, into a folder called www to get it to build correctly.

What am I missing?

I suggest against using PhoneGap. As it is easy to use, it depends on some plugins that will need to be updated and eventually get deprecated, for security reasons.
The best way is to buy a webview and make it native like with Xcode and Android Studio.

As for your problem, I can have a look via team viewer. It’s the fastest way.
I have used phonegap very little in the past and a bit more Intel XDK, but I strongly suggest that you go native for the apps enclosures.

Ok. But isn’t PhoneGap a webviewer? Also isn’t it required to know Swift to use Xcode? It seems others successfully used PhoneGap, making me just having a glitch?

not if you buy or use one from github for free

Can you tell me the steps in doing this?

I have a post about it here