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Any South African Bubblers?

I’m looking at starting a Bubble-based web development company in South Africa - one that positions itself based on quality and development speed. :muscle:

Any Bubblers keen on having a chat and seeing what we could do?


Did you start the company yet?

Hi there. I would welcome a chat as I see many potential opportunities. Based in Jhb. DM me if interested.


Hi Jaco

I am trying to create a betting app with a friend we are new and in the dark? have you got a lot of experience in bubble? If so would you be able to help Thank you.


Hey Jan,

I’ve got a decent amount of experience with Bubble itself. For a betting app it could be the payment gateway and supplier that could be more painful, esp in SA. I think I’d heard that PayPal now allows for SA users so could work.

What kind of app are you looking to make? What are its key features and benefits?


Names Anthony. Im recently new to bubble and so far I am enjoying it. I was hoping I could divert a bit and ask for your help in the current app I am building. I am struggling with creating a messaging system and would appreciate your help even if it is just a point in the correct direction.

I am also South African and after I have gained much experience and knowledge would very much like to be part of of your company.

Hey Anthony,

Bubble really is pretty epic! For messaging, I built a basic messaging ability in an app by creating a Message data type, with a From (type=User) and a To (type=User). Then create a repeating group (Do a Search for messages, where From = Current User; To = (use a custom state to pass this - in a list of contacts you’re chatting with, when you click on the person you want to chat with, Set State of the messaging Repeating Group to be the “To” user).

Then create text balloons in the repeating group for the messages and sort by date. Don’t forget to set Privacy roles so only message creator and To (User) can read the messages

I’ll be pasting my editor link in an upcoming tweet @JohnnyNoCode so you can check it out there.

Hope this helps!

Also check out Canvas by AirDev and check their Messaging Addon

Ja Nee Boet. Totally agreed.


New here, just passing by. Hoping this community grows. Looking forward to bouncing off a few ideas in future and solving unique to SA issues.


Welcome. Plenty of great help on the forum if you need it.

Halo. Currently a newbie but glad to know I can ask for help.

Building something as we speak and would like some assistance on how to

  1. To add search without the content of my RG disappearing.
  2. Adding a list of images to RG and then showing them as a clickable slideshow.

Thank u

Hi @anthonycarlitochamba. I suggest a few things to get you started with using the forum affectively. It can be an extremely helpful method for getting the support you need:

  1. Post your questions as new topics on the main forum.
  2. Split the questions up into individual topics.
  3. Include as much detail as possible, including screenshots of your current set up, or even better, a link to read access to your editor.

The more information you provide, the better the chances are that someone from the community can help trouble shoot. Also, the more effort others see that you’re making in solving your own problems, the higher the likelihood that someone will jump in to help.

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Thank you for the great advice and I will make use of it in the future.

I hope you do not mind me asking that you have a look at the app I am creating at the moment. It is an educational app with the main focus on universities but would also like to include the other educational sectors.


Bubble Editor - Apppycation

Build stuff without code and launch a startup without a tech-cofounder! Bubble is a visual programing language. Instead of typing code, use a visual editor to build applications.

I have 3 main problems with which I would appreciate your assistance.

  1. Adding a search to my app. When I tried adding a search the contents of all my repeating group just disappeared on the preview. I could only view the current searched item , which meant that the page was blank until someone searched the specific topic they were looking for. I ended up deleting it in search on a new way to add a search function.
  2. I can only add an image to my repeating group whereas I would like to add a list of images. This is to accommodate the list of pics that will be sent by the user as they post. May you please assist me with this.
  3. I would like to add a video section where a person speaking sign language is included and can take part in the different educational topics. This is something similar to the person you find in the news, e.g eNCA. This is to include and highlight that everyone is able.

Lastly if there are any changes you would like to add may you please feel free but may you please walk with me through them as I would also like to learn to be able to assist in the near future.

Thank you for your time and assistance in advance.

Hi fellow South Africans

I have recently started building apps for clients and wanted to get a sense of how much to charge and what pricing models are best.

Obviously this depends on the project but I just wanted to get some ideas from this forum.

Just as an FYI, I’m planning to charge clients on a monthly basis for them to use the app which is custom built for them. The app essentially digitises some of their existing admin operations.

Any thoughts or resources you can point me to?

Hi @mccjon, How are you progressing on starting that development company?
I am currently looking for South African-based freelance developers to take over maintenance and enhancement of the existing Bubble app we have developed and have live in production.

Hey Andrew,

I’m now actually in the UK :slight_smile: What app did you end up making, that it’s actually live and being used by actual customers (if that’s not prying!). I can then have a look and let you know.