Any time keeping solutions on Bubble?

I am looking for a time keeping solution app for my parents business and was looking to support a Bubble App, so does anyone know of any or have one of your own?

If you mean something like a time clock, it is possible to build one. I don’t know know of any examples, but I built one in an app we use for one of our businesses. It’s rudimentary, but does what it’s supposed to do. Creates punch pairs and logs hours for all our employees.

What sort of time keeping app are you looking for? What do you need it to do?

hi there, we have time tracking functionality in our Upwork-like template.
You can take a look at it here:
Hope this helps

Sorry I was not clear, I am looking to build a time clock system but see if someone has built one with bubble as I was going to sign up as a consumer to use their system.