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Time tracker, clock in clock out!

Hello all,

I am wondering the best way for me to integrate a time tracking system for customers to use. Even if it is an already existing application which offers an API I might be able to integrate (something like toggle, or would it be better to just build the whole time tracker directly from bubble? I don’t need anything crazy, just a simple “clock in” “clock out” and of course that data saves to the user showing the exact date and time the user worked. A basic admin page would be necessary for managers to be able to run a report to see the time there employees work. Basically the capabilities Toggle Timer offers, I want to either use or replicate but the whole point is for the “time tracking” button to be an icon within my platform, and also have that data save in bubble to easily export. If anyone has any pointers on how I shall approach this or the best/easiest way to implement this I will greatly appreciate you.


-Corey Provencal

Other than trying to build it into Bubble. You could probably do a search for “time tracking api” and then see if you could use Zapier or Blockspring to integrate your buttons with the time tracking system. You’ll probably also need to be able to send new user information to the time tracking system to setup an account.

Here’s one that I found:

Toggl already integrates with Zapier.

So Toggl should, in theory, integrate with Bubble.

The only reason I mentioned tickspot was due to their pricing model. You can have unlimited users in one project, so @visionation could hopefully get away with the free plan and just create all user’s for the app into one project .

Good call :slightly_smiling:

Tickspot also integrates with Zapier !

Thanks everyone, appreciate the quick reply’s. Everything is correct above, the main issue is that Bubble doesn’t connect with Zapier, if they did this would be a breeze.

Bubble connects very nicely with Zapier :slightly_smiling:

Thanks @NigelG, I did visit the Zapier website and cannot find the Bubble app directly integrated, am I missing something here?

Hidden as it is in Beta, sorry forgot about that :slightly_smiling:

This is a GAMECHANGER! Much appreciated @NigelG @emmanuel Bubble is definitely #1

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If you’re still looking for a time tracking for Bubble, please take a look at TimeCamp.