Any way to avoid the API Connector entirely?

We all know it, it’s trash, it turns calls that take seconds to setup in postman into an endless void of wasted time, and doesn’t natively accept GraphQL as a format (!!) leading to the need to double escape certain calls, an absolute nightmare.

After getting a very unhelpful “bad request” from my latest Shopify call (can’t even view the payload of what gets sent easily, I mean c’mon) that again, works totally fine and is incredibly easy to setup outside of bubble, I am coming around to the idea that maybe, just maybe, some lovely people here have a decent means of circumventing it entirely.

I’d like to also pre-emptively append to this that I have many many working calls, but the pain I’ve needed to go through on each one is starting to edge me towards exiting bubble entirely. No-no-code is worth this much pain.

\\\" PLZ HLP \\\"

Sorry bro, its not a TRASH you simply don’t know how to use it, its one of the feature which distinguish bubble from other nocode. it have its limitation but trash is not a good word for it.


I have fully integrated my application with 10 external APIs, for a deployed app handling 6 figures every month. Believe me when I say (I added the last bit to pre-empt comments like yours), I know how to use it very well, but I also know how to write these calls outside of the API connector and it makes life very difficult at times for no reason.

Even the editor is basically a text editor, why is it not at the very least an html editor or… dare I say it, a compiler :zipper_mouth_face:

Ever tried writing a graphQL call, spending a long time wondering why it doesn’t work, then removing all the spaces/new lines and it working immediately? I have, and it is nonsense.

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Sorry , if i offended you, I never ment to say you are wrong bro, what i mean to say, by calling it TRASH you are offending many nocoder like me , because this make our life much eiser i know code not that much like you do, but this make my life much easier then writing a code.

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No problem, but I would love it if anybody here has some ideas/means of using bubble to interface without the need to go through the API connector.

I wouldn’t say it’s trash but it is very disappointing how it’s basically been untouched for a long time, no sending binary data option, no large file sizes, no custom content type per form data item, putting text directly in the body vs parameters seems to be handled differently, plenty of other things.

When the API Connector fails me I usually just make a plugin with server side action(s) then use the built in fetch API or use Axios to do the API call. Then you can log the request being sent and the response. Then also restructure the response if needed.

Or use the API connector but sent the request to a Google Cloud Function, then let the function do the request to your API with Fetch or Axios. If that would help at all in your case


I am 75% aware that I’m venting here, ha.

Thanks, these are both great suggestions and I’ll try them out, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Bro, why not you use custom code on frontend toolbox plugin and write a code to fatch api calls. There would be a problem that bubble will not give you data type to select in results but with latest return parameters in custom workflows and you can do it. I am sure.