Any way to truncate to 1 line rather than X characters?

My title says it all. It would help my responsive design if I could truncate to 1 line instead of X characters. Thanks!

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I’ve looked for this but haven’t found a way. You can use a font where all characters are of equal width like courier, then truncate to left ‘x’ characters since ‘x’ will be a static value.

Or you can check off ‘cut content’ and duplicate the content into the hoverbox.

I’ve never seen a way of selecting text ‘by line’. Not sure why.

Unless there’s a way you can read the height of any kind of object (like a group) that’s affected by how many lines there are. Then get the character count of the text ‘x’, and run a loop where text = left(text,‘x’-1) until the height is down to one line.

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