How to truncate text with ellipsis when word is too long?

I have 2 text elements placed in a group that is a “Column” container layout (see group with black outline). I want each text to be only one row (not more) and therefore I applied a fixed height of 22px to each text element.

The 1st text (green outline) contains a a text that is made up of several words and the text is truncated when it exceeds the width of the container. All good!
But the 2nd text (red outline) contains only one word (no space in between words) and it does not display at all when its length exceeds the width of the container. I put an arbitrary text which is “thisisaverylongwordwithabsolutelynospace.”

How can I automatically truncate this word with a an ellipsis at the end? e.g. thisisaverylongwordwithabsolu…
I’d like to avoid to have a condition like “if number of characters > XXX, then truncate word” because it’s not very scalable


Well what is your criteria for truncating? Is it after a certain amount of letters, or something else?

the criteria for truncating is basically show as much as possible until full width is reached. So in my case instead of showing nothing in the red-outlined text box, I want to display as much text as possible : thisisaverylongwordwithabsolu…

This is what you need to do. :point_up_2:

What do you mean with “it is not very scalable”? You just neet to set it once…

By it’s not very scalable I meant that there are multiple places in my app where I’d need to do that and I need to calculate the number of characters depending on the width of the container (which also changes since its width is responsive).
Basically what I’m trying to implement is the equivalent of word-break in css

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How about you simply figure out how many pixels per letter (based on widest letter!!), then create a conditional based on the width of your element.

Complete random numbers below…

15px per widest letter
(Total width of element / 15 ) - width of the three …

So if element is 300
Total char would be 20 if you didn’t want …, Or maybe 18 + …

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Yes I could do that. Your answers confirm that there is no built-in option to do what i want to do so yes, I will need to build something along the lines of what you suggested. thanks!

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