Any way to work on page without publishing it

Just wondering… On many occasions I am working on different pages, but I don’t want them published yet. Is there any way to solve this problem? I know if I pay more I can have an additional development version, but that doesn’t solve the problem as its only one more and sometimes we are working on multiple things, or priorities get changes and you have to leave something half finished.

Any take on this topic?


Hi there, @mangooly… it may not be the best way to go, but is there any harm in publishing it but not giving users a way to get to the page in the app until it’s finished? I mean, it’s not like they are going to guess the URL, right?


Hi @mikeloc, sorry I can’t agree there, if your users come through Google or Bing as is the case for one of my websites (91%) is through Organic search, then you will definitely end up with users stepping on published pages that are not finished. Even if you change the sitemap I don’t think one can 100% be sure you’re not going to get users through those pages.

The users might not guess the url, but Google? Bing? Robots? I don’t know…

If you’re not going to go the additional development versions route, then the pages are going to get published, so maybe put a redirect on page load to send users to another page if they do come across an unfinished page? It definitely does seem like this use case should be a lot easier to handle, though.

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Oh thats a good idea @mikeloc. Thanks!

I was also thinking deleting the pages before publishing and then undo. Create some saved points too just in case.

I normally name my pages in this particular way so that they are easy to find.

Draft page -
External page (Leave this clean for SEO) -
Internal page (User logged in) -
Backup page - (backup date)

Does anyone else have any other ways of organising files? Any tips?


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