Can I choose which page to deploy live?

Is it possible to make it so that you can choose specifically which page to deploy when deploying to live, as opposed to all pages being deployed? I have a website in development and an app that is being tested and I’d like to be able to push updates just to the app.


Unfortunately not right now. It’s one of the things we want to think about at some point, but probably a few months away



Hi, any news on this topic ? I would like to deploy a pre-launch page only (for managing referrals) but I am not ready to go live with all other pages. Most of all I do not want to change the index page (sign-up / login page) and all the redirection to index for not logged in users. Any workaround you can suggest to achieve the same result ? Thanks

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Im sure its possible to just clone the app, then delete/edit/re-direct as required.

I came across this post while posting something similar, are there any updates to if this is going to be possible? Sometimes I’ll be making major changes to a particular page, but then something urgent comes up on another one where I need to add a field to a drop down for example, or add a new field to a page. I then have to either push out the changes, including the current page only being half done (which is obviously bad), or I have to wait until my major change is done just before I can push out a small one.

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That would be fantastic if Bubble would do that. I have been in the same situation before too. There isn’t a way to publish just a page yet. @eve, could we add this request to your list. It would be super helpful.

In the mean time, what I do is clone the page that I need to make major changes to. Then work on it until it’s done. Then redirect them to that page when it’s ready. It’s not a perfect solution, that’s for sure. It does prevent me from getting stuck in an emergency fix situation though.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Bumping this. +1
Once you build something a bit more complex it would be really good if you would have a way to simply tick a publish yes/no checkbox somewhere at page level.

How could it work?
Once you publish the following happens for each page:

  • If “unticked” this page does not get published (and is removed from live if it was published before).
  • If “ticked” it gets published (or updated if it was published before).

Why is this important?
Because if you have something live and running and you are preparing a larger addition to it you are more or less prohibited from publishing until everything you are working on is tried and tested.

Say you are working on this large extension project and somewhere a small but painful bug appears in what you have online already - then you are screwed currently. You need to add quite some workarounds in a bunch of places (like making all unfinished pages hide their elements and redirect somewhere else until you are ready).


Has this feature been deployed yet? It would be such an amazing feature to have…

You should upvote this idea on the ideaboard.