Anybody interested in product development/management

Hi folks, I’m a professional product manager and hobbyist Bubbler. I’ve been in the software industry for a while, and see consistently:

  1. Focusing on outcomes (i.e. getting more users, decreasing time to complete XYZ task, etc.) really does get better results than focus on outputs (building a recommendation engine, or putting adding a news feed).

  2. Rapid prototyping (which Bubble is awesome at) produces better results (a lot better) than the “1 idea/request = 1 feature developed” approach

I read some posts in the forum, and it’s clear that product design is well understood. Well articulated user journeys, a focus on solving problems instead of building features, etc. I also see examples of the “build it, and they will come” approach.

I’ve been thinking about putting together some materials about how a product approach, rapid prototyping, split testing, etc. with Bubble, to help people better solve problems (vs. build solutions) with this amazing tool.

Would this be interesting to you?



Hi Jon,

Have you thought about creating a piece for a product management site like Mind The Product?

I think there’s a lot of value in sharing this to an audience who are less familiar with Bubble / no code tools. The Bubble community might not get quite as much from it - but I might be wrong.

P.S. I’m from a similar background to yourself - freelance Product Manager and hobbyist Bubbler.

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Hi Liam,

Thanks for the reply - Mind the Product is a great idea, actually, and you’re right - it might be easier to get the Agile PM community excited about a no-code dev environment (and great rapid prototyping tool, too) than to get the Bubble community excited about design thinking, continuous discovery, et al.

It’s great to see another PM around - best wishes for success for your business!


I will always resort to google and my collection of bookmarks to look for materials on something I want to learn. I wouldn’t expect to find those here. Most bubblers will use this forum to learn bubble. Not transversal skills.

Unless of course, you find some type of synergy between PM and Bubble that no other (no)code development stack has. Only in that case I see it would make sense.

Thanks @JonL - I was thinking about something more along the lines of a video series or something more along those lines. I understand though, that that’s not necessarily something that would be valued in this community.


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