Will bubble suit my need?

I’ m a strategic consultant and I create value to customer through expertise, my methods and tools. However, I would like to have a dynamic and more agile product than spreadsheets and PowerPoint to work with my collegeas and customers in a more modern way.

Is Bubble the tool to transform our methods from static visual tools like spreadsheets and ppt to a more dynamic and agile digital tool?


Not many people use Bubble that way, but it’s something we’ve always had in mind (i’m founder). You could very much see the page as a presentation and the show/hide groups to change what you show, or go from one page to another, and then take profit from the dynamic data features.

I’m a former consultant myself, and could have seen myself use it that way :slight_smile:

thank you emmanuel for such a quick response and glad to hear from the co founder!
So could I build an app so that the customer can log in and type in specific asked data for a sector analysis when he/she is done press a “submit” button and it creates a chart?
We would like to have that kind of digital solution but for 4 analysis input elements and the data from these analysis is displayed in a dashboard.

Didnt really understand if that is possible as you describe it?
Is there any visual example as close as possible to this idea?

Kindest regards, Daniel

Yes, this seems like a very typical use case. Not sure we have a off-the-shelf example, but did you do the chart lesson at bubble.is/documentation? You could see how the chart works.

Then design-wise, you can do a lot, since it’s to the pixel.

Alright:) I will try!

I too have tried this in a previous consulting life, using a variety of tools such as DashThis, Google Sheets etc to give the customer a “dashboard” of insights.

But at scale, for multi tenancy, it can be frustrating and expensive.

Great use of Bubble I think, interested to hear how you get on.

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