Anyone connected to Xero or OAuth1?

I am looking to connect to Xero API but it uses OAuth1. Has anyone got this successfully to work?

I modified the title as I am interested if more generally anyone has got OAuth1 to work and/or interested in sharing or developing a plugin. Willing to pay for the right solution so get in contact.

Have you thought about taking a look at @romanmg course on API it may have what you need and I found it helped me! You may not need to go as far as building a plugin.

Thanks @StevenM the course certainly looks good. The main issue is that bubble’s API connector is not designed for OAuth1 so just seeing if I get around this hurdle first. Have you done this successfully?

Any updates on this I too would help fund a plugin


Unfortunately bubble advised they are unable to do this.

Is there any way around it?

we’ve just published a plugin to connect to Xero - 🧮 Xero Accounting - New Plugin from Zeroqode