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Anyone else? Can't push to Live

Anyone else seeing this when they try to push to live?

I had an issue earlier switching from Live to Development Mode in editor. I refreshed the page and didn’t have any problems after, and did deploy to live several times

What about right now?

Hi @J805 Jason,

Yes, Can’t push to live. Bubble update ? Can you make a bug report?

Yeah. I did a bug report. Hope everyone can do a bug report to get it fixed quickly. @Bubble

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image - Looks like everywhere

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Yeah, @eve can we get a status? @Emmanuel? says all operational…

Thanks for the tag, folks – looking into this now!


Getting the error too although it looks like the changes are being deployed…

Thanks again for flagging – we’re pushing a fix for this now!


Fix is live, please go ahead and test and let us know if this meets your expectations!


Fixed for me now. Close the bug report if you like

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