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Deploying development to live not working

Hey Bubble community!

I have an issue deploying the development version of my platform to live. I keep receiving the error that there are 7 issues that need to be fixed, however there are none.

The screenshot is below

Screenshot 2021-10-18 at 13.21.06

I just had same problem, I’ll describe so maybe its something simillar.

It was on header element page.
I’m using a plugin called SLIDE BAR MENU.
Two commands that I provided on workflow (go to page xxxx) I didnt mentioned DATA TO SEND.
When these are missing the system indentifies but not list as things to fix.

I’m not saying its exactly same thing, but mine was on workflows.
Maybe its there too.

Thanks so much!

I just posted another topic about this I should have read through the forms first I will try this I believe I have that plug in and it doesn’t even work properly and I’m thinking about deleting it

That did not fix my problem dang

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