Anyone else getting "Not Secure" at the top of their Bubble Editor (URL)?

Just wondering if anyone else has this? - and whether it’s a problem on my end of Bubble’s?



Not right now, but sometimes


Can you report it to Bubble via their Bug Report form?

Yeah I’ll submit a report - just wanted to see if anyone else had seen this before. Thanks! :smiley:

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I only get it with pages that have images. If you click on the notice, it references that.

Weird… I have an image on my page right now, but it’s marked as secure. But sometimes randomly it does say “Not Secure”

Odd. All my editor pages are displaying as “Not Secure” at the moment

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Yeah, weird. This must be some weird bug. It’s been like this for a while, but I never thought anything about it

Fair enough - Just noticed it today and felt a bit disheartened whilst adding data to my app’s database.

Bug report submitted :+1: I’ll keep you posted when I hear back!

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This happens after you search the Plugin store - not sure why.

Maybe @eve can help?


Oh yea, I just searched the plugin store and it’s not secure anymore. At least we know where the root issue is


Yeah, I’m seeing it as well. It happens when I enter the plugin store.


Curious if this issue is related to the outages that Cloudflare X Century Link suffered over the past day or two…?

@eve @Bubble

This has been a persistent thing for a while now


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