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Is Bubble having issues right now?

The editor keeps timing out, and redirecting me to the homepage. Anyone else having issues?

yes, I do. I’m emailing them.

Think so, I’m seeing the same thing on and off.

They are maybe in a maintenance window…

Would be nice to get info in advance regarding maintenances. Having trouble not only accessing editor but also my site preview…

Does logging in again fix this? Right now when you access the editor with an expired log in, it pops up an error message instead of redirecting you. I’m working on fixing that, but the message is harmless and should go away if you re-enter your email and password.

I logged in again.
Still an issue loading application data

And the red “Saving…” status remains.

seems it works well now

Yes I seem to be getting an error as well

Yes, logout & back in seems to have solved it. Thanks.

The “API error: API Key does not match host” message has to do w/ a temporary problem we’re having with the way we capture preview screenshots of your apps. It doesn’t mean that your app is missing or broken or anything. We’re working on fixing it, but it’s just an aesthetic issue – shouldn’t cause any real problems.

Glad you guys are able to log back in – sorry about the confusion with the bad warning message. I’m deploying a fix to that problem now…


Great thanks Josh

Hey Josh,

I’m not sure about everyone else but I’m getting the same error @nicolas.daprigny mentioned.

I am too, all bubble sites, all browsers.

Ahhh. I think we’re back up, so I deleted my post.

Did you guys check the console in browser, or network tab under developer tools? Should provide some more insights.

I don`t know if its related to this: Slow Response from Bubble

but I made a quick post there to ping Josh if he knows what was up. Hopefully he will update us if something was up today as well.

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I just replied to that thread. The CDN caching an error issue that I mention in that post is likely the issue that @csblack and @romanmg hit, given the timing.

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Hey Josh,
When you need guys to beta the plugin builder let me know, I think I have a fair experience with this on bubble.

Also, do you see yourself exposing the websockets part you are using for live datachanges as an open API? Right now a regular REST api feels so 2016 :joy::grin:

Or even as an unsupported thing where you would just point me to where it is…I guess its obfuscated into the core bubble client JS files.