Anyone integrated Text Streaming with yet?

I believe OpenAI came out with a streaming feature for Assistant API. Has anyone integrated it with their Bubble app yet? If so, how?


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Would also love to know if anybody has figured this out

Pretty sure you could do it with this.

I’ll be making some more examples when it’s published.

Let me know if you want to try it out :slight_smile:

EDIT: Think this could still apply with assistant streaming API.

Unless you guys are looking for the API directly, if that’s the case I could look into it but I can safely presume it’s in the works if not already available.

** I need to learn to read everything before I comment xD

Hi @GH5T - Not sure I follow your response. I see that you linked an Auto Complete page but not sure how that fits into the new Assistants streaming protocol from OpenAI?

I should of replied with this:
pubkey/rxdb: A fast, local first, reactive Database for JavaScript Applications (

I will be working on integrating this soon. Assuming that’s what you meant for ‘streaming’.

I think we might be talking about different things. I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate streaming from OpenAI’s Assistant API’s new streaming endpoint here.

That link shows a Node.js streaming example that I’m trying to incorporate into a workflow in my app.

My mind races a million miles per hour. I’m pretty sure that can be implemented as a SSA. Doesn’t look too hard.

FWIW, in case anybody else is trying to figure this out, I ended up solving this by spinning up an AWS Lambda function to make the call to the OpenAI Assistants API and then listen to the stream responses from OpenAI. I’m calling this Lambda function from Bubble’s API connector to AWS’s API Gateway. It’s not particularly fast or graceful but it does work. Perhaps somebody more skilled than I could do it with a custom Bubble plugin.

In case helpful, I followed these tutorials to get it working:

  • Creating a Lambda function here
  • Working example of OpenAI Assistants API here
  • Relevant stream events for the Assistants API here
  • Setting up AWS API Gateway keys here
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Would you mind sharing a video demo of the end result?

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And the result before your eyes @luke.koletsios03 @ansel @bonjour_17 here: Open AI - Assistant Streaming Plugin Demo

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