OpenAI's New "Assistants" API

Hi Friends!

In case anyone is looking to integrate with OpenAI’s new “Assistants” API - here’s a quick tutorial I just made. Hope it’s helpful!

PS - yes I did have a little too much fun with the ai-generated space suit :rofl:


You’re a stud (and a friendly giant!). Thanks for putting this together for us :pray:t4:

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This is fantastic, thank you.

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My pleasure!! Thank you both so much for your comments :slight_smile:

This is a great start, thanks for the plugin. Do you have intention of building the plugin to be an end-to-end solution for using the Assistants API?

I’d love to be able to programmatically create and update assistants within Bubble without going to OpenAI to manage.

Side question:
Say a document previously uploaded was updated. Can you replace that document (or other content) programmatically?


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I had the same thought, but I just use OpenAI API + the API connector for the creation of the assistants and adding assistant files, for everything else, I use the plugin. Works flawlessly, and a super simple setup, took like 2 minutes.

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Thanks very much @ALB! Yes, I’m hoping to update the plugin to include all of the Assistant functionality :slight_smile:

Re: your side question - yes, totally possible!

Very true Nick! My plugin, under the hood, is just a few simple API calls as well :slight_smile: