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Anyone know how i can achieve this with Bubble?

Hi, i have gone through the forums and am really not getting the gist of what floating groups are and how to use them. Can somebody explain this better?

Then another question, does anyone know how i could do this in bubble? ( follow the link below) scroll down the site and notice how the two big images , on at the header region and the other image in the middle of the page does while one scrolls down the page or up the page.

One seems to be getting to see more of the image and less of it depending if one is scrolling up or down, i would really love to know how to achieve that with Bubble.
Here is the link

Hey there, thanks for posting! I’d suggest breaking this post into two separate ones, as there are two different questions you’re asking. It’ll just keep it easier for everybody to find what they’re looking for in the future.

Floating groups are “sticky” groups that don’t move when the user scrolls the page. Let’s say you have a header that you want to ALWAYS be visible. You’d use a floating group for that, and have it stuck to the top of the page.

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Thank you! Now i know!

Its called a parallax effect.

You can achieve this by setting the background style of a page to image, & check the box that says “apply a parallax effect”

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Hi @csblack ,thanx for this, i have tried it and it works if am using an image as a background.

How can i achieve this parallax effect on specific images on my page that are not particularly background images, like for example an image at the header region?

How can i achieve that effect on such an image which is not a background image?

I think this feature is only available on the page’s background image.


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