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Page with multiple parallax scrolling images

I know that bubble has parallax scrolling withing pages but this is not good with I want to display multiple background images like in a landing page or a banner image at the top (currently the parallax image is for the entire background…right?)

A possible workaround I thought could be to use a floating group with an image in the background. However, when I go to do this, the floating group aways come to the front and not the background like I hoped.

Any help in trying to achieve this would be awesome.

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Sorry I get that I’ve asked this question a few times but what definitely does not help is quoting my own question.

Do you know a way to but the floating group in the background?

My bad, I copied/pasted the wrong thread. Wasn’t trying to look like a jerk :slight_smile:

Floating groups are intended to float on top, so I don’t think moving them to the background is a possibility. In general, it looks like this functionality just isn’t possible on Bubble yet, unfortunately.

Daim, hopefully over time it will come about. Parrallax effects give off a really modern and beautiful look to a website.

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