Anyone know how to place text on a curve or arc?

I need to place text on an arc or curve inside a group, and I cannot find a way to do that in Bubble.

When I do it in an external app and export it as an SVG then set it as the group’s background, it looks good on screen, but when I download the image from the app (which is one of the main requirements), the SVG doesn’t show in the download.

A PNG also works, but the downloaded image looks blurry.

Are there any plugins or hacks to place text on an arc or a curve natively in Bubble?


You could always do this using CSS, and the HTML element. Here is a good demonstration here:

Yes, it does require some working knowledge of CSS / HTML

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Thanks for the speedy reply.

Given that it creates an SVG box, do you think it will not show when I do a screenshot/download, the same way any SVG inside that group doesn’t show when I try to do that?

I don’t believe that would be an issue. An easy way to test it quickly would be to just copy and paste one of their examples, before you go through the process of trying to customize the line, and then download the image from your app at that point.

If it doesn’t recognize that SVG either, then I am personally at a loss :smiley:

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Does it have to be a group? You could try inline SVG in an HTML element

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